Today's Outage

I'm sorry about the outage earlier today. My web server hosting provider (Render) had a major outage.

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Trades of the Week: Feb 12 - Feb 16, 2024

SMCI saved what was a pretty frustrating week which was full of near misses and whiffed trades.

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Trades of the Last Couple of Weeks: Jan 22 - Feb 9, 2024

This was my first full week of trading after returning home from my Australia trip. I'm going to do this post a little differently than the previous few just to shake things up a bit.

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Trades of the Week: Jan 15 - Jan 19, 2024

My first week of vacation in Australia has been great for my trading account.  Maybe I should stay on vacation. Hmm...

I carried AMD & TEAM over the weekend.

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Trades of the Week: Jan 8 - Jan 12, 2024

I came into this week short WGMI and long QS, TEAM, AMD, DYN and TANK. Those essentially used up all my non-margin buying power. As I mentioned in a position sizing discussion on the Canadian version of SwingTradeBot, I don't like to be on margin overnight. But after initiating a few of more trades early in the week I soon found myself needing to lighten up -- late Tuesday my brokerage pinged me that I had exceeded my overnight buying power (a Regulation T violation). So I had to choose some stocks to sell or the brokerage would have done it for me.

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Trades of the Week: Jan 2 - Jan 5, 2024

I'm going to take another crack at consistently making these posts.  However, there may not be any posts during the last 2 weeks of January because I'll be on vacation in Australia & not sure if I'll make any trades.

As before: My goal here is to show a bit of my process and the scans I use to find these trading candidates.  They certainly won't be the best trades one could have possibly made, it will just highlight those I found and chose to take

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Lessons from My 2023 Trading Results

I want to share what I’ve learned from my 2023 trading but first I’d want to zoom out to a longer term view. Here’s a chart of my trading account’s returns since I moved to Interactive Brokers in 2015:

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You Can Now Sync Schwab, E-Trade and Vanguard Portfolios!

Good news from SnapTrade, the company which provides SwingTradeBot's portfolio syncing capability.  They've now added support for Schwab, E-Trade and Vanguard Portfolios!  So if you have an account with one of those brokerages just follow the syncing instructions to get your portfolios syncing to SwingTradeBot.

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Interactive Brokers Portfolio Syncing No Longer Supported

I'm sorry to report that SwingTradeBot will no longer be able to sync portfolios with Interactive Brokers.  SnapTrade, my brokerage syncing provider sent me this a few days ago:

There have been some recent developments with Interactive Brokers that affect our ability to continuing servicing IBKR accounts over the SnapTrade API.

Interactive Brokers has made it clear that they have no interest in working with SnapTrade or any other 3rd party API aggregators to facilitate connections to their trading API. Even for partners who have their own IBKR keys, they have asked us not to intermediate the connection. Their suggested path forward is:

1) All apps get their own IBKR keys subject to a compliance review, and
2) All apps build their own direct integrations with IBKR's trading API.

This is a disappointing outcome for us that we believe is not in the best interest of IBKR customers, but at the end of the day IBKR is in complete control of who connects to their trading API. In response to IBKR's request, we have disabled all IBKR connectivity for all SnapTrade partners...
I especially hate this because my active trading account is at IBKR.  I'm starting to regret bringing back the syncing functionality.  So few brokerages are supported that I think it's more trouble than it's worth. -sigh-

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Why SwingTradeBot's ADX Values May Differ from Those of Some other Financial Sites

An exploration of how SwingTradeBot calculates its ADX indicator.

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